Best in Show: High-Def DVDs
Blu-ray HD DVD Best
February 01, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A quick list of the best Blu-ray and HD DVD titles to inaugurate (or augment) your high-def library.
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Posted by Crude Dude  on  02/01  at  05:39 PM

Here’s my top ten HD list(in no particular order):
1.King Kong(best picture)
2.Road Warrior
3.Training Day
4.Superman Begins
5.U-571(best audio)
6.The Untouchables
9.Blade Runner

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/03  at  08:29 PM

Loved “The Bourne Ultimatum.” The video was so good, I thought I was going to be sick—in a good way!

Posted by Ken  on  02/04  at  12:12 PM

How can Spiderman 3 get Best Video Presentation? The second half of the movie had a number of video problems. Perhaps the reviewer was using a small screen to watch?

I would think PotC:CotBP or Transformers would be more deserving. (after WB fixed the PotC framing issue)

Posted by Red 3  on  02/04  at  03:55 PM

4. I assume you mean Batman Begins (and not Superman Returns, which is the inferior of the two).

I agree U-571 has great audio. Another film which really excels in the audio department is Pan’s Labyrinth.

Posted by chosto  on  02/04  at  05:34 PM

Let’s focus on features that are not on the soon to be dead hd dvd. It’s only fair ya kno?

Posted by Crude Dude  on  02/04  at  06:43 PM

“Let’s focus on features that are not on the soon to be dead hd dvd. It’s only fair ya kno? “

I couldn’t tell if that was a jab at HD DVD or Blu Ray because we all know HD DVD is a finalized spec that is web enabled.

BTW:I meant Batman Begins in my list and Bourne Ultimatum belongs in there as well.

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