Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Theater Control Upgrade
August 06, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Good preparation the key to a trouble-free installation of a control system.
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Posted by mark  on  08/09  at  12:21 PM

OK if you’re OK having to use a tablet/phone for everything. 90% of the world still wants a conventional remote

Posted by Greg  on  08/13  at  11:28 AM

I’m really struggling here - I’m having a hard time figuring out how an experienced installer can be stumped by an unplugged router or updating firmware/software on devices like an Apple TV. 

As for the serial-IP conversion -a simple converter may permit, under the right circumstances, the passing of remote control/IR data thru from the network to the non-IP receiver, but it certainly isn’t going to make it a participating part of the home’s network.  “Streaming media” simply wasn’t around when most of these legacy model receivers were sold.  It almost sounds like this implies you can modernize an old receiver by adapting from RS-232 to Ethernet.  That just isn’t the case.

If he left without making the connection to the Apple TV, that would basically leave any PC or NAS-stored media inaccessible from the newly-installed control equipment.  Hopefully he booked a return trip to finish the job…..  It almost seems like this would be “Part One” of a two-part article series, with a follow up article showing the end result of a completed install that is functioning and performing up to the customer’s desired results and expectations.

Posted by mat  on  08/29  at  08:33 PM

There are no IP codes to operate an AppleTV. Apple does not allow third party control of their products.

Roomie Remote has a much slicker interface at a fraction of the cost.

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