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Are You Canceling Your Cable/Satellite Service?
May 28, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A mix of the current economy and increasing options online have more households getting rid of their cable.
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Posted by Aggrazel  on  05/28  at  11:00 AM

Built an HTPC and cancelled cable/satellite over a year ago now. Don’t miss it. Most shows either come OTA or via Hulu or CBS Online or whatever. Some of the ones that don’t are on itunes for $2 an episode. Or as a last resort if I really want to see a show I can rent from Netflix. Either way, sure beats paying $90 a month for TV.  And this way, I watch what I want, when I want. The only thing I miss out on is some live sports that aren’t broadcast OTA, but if I really want to see a game I can go to a sports bar. I’d do that anyway.

My HTPC that drives all this cost me $600 to build. I was paying $80 a month for dish. Since I haven’t had dish for over a year, the math works out very much in my favor even after my itunes bill.

Posted by John  on  05/28  at  05:17 PM

I did not spend 15k building a Theater/Multipurpose room to not watch live sports. Once I can get games on ESPN, TNT, Fox Sports, etc via the web, I would consider canceling. Until them, I am a slave to cable/satellite.

Posted by Jeff  on  05/29  at  11:09 AM

DTV helped me cut my cable. I live 30 miles out of Chicago. Bought a Tivo so I can time shift and watch shows like Get Smart that airs at midnight.  I planned to watch less TV anyway, cutting the cable helps and I don’t worry about paying for something I’m not using.

Posted by phillip stacy  on  05/29  at  12:15 PM

I can’t reliably record programs because they don’t always stay in their time slots. Also, I am tired of seeing the station logo plus the constant advertising of new programs I am not intersted in obscuring and distracting from the program I want to see. Local stations keep interrupting programs with weather alerts, amber alerts and breaking news ( full story at 11!). The captions don’t record on my system so I can’t make out obscure words on some shows. I stopped going out to see movies long ago and now I will only see tv programs that are rented from Netflix.

Posted by Factorblank  on  05/29  at  01:25 PM

I’m cancelling cable this month. There are many reasons, here are a few: Crummy customer service (I was speaking to a rep yesterday who transferred me to a fax machine, I was not amused), crummy hardware (I’ve had to replace at least two sets of boxes that stopped receiving HD service), change in service plans that I didn’t agree to (A recent change in the Time Warner agreement “allows” them to put caps on their internet service, bad news for those of us that are starting to download our movies from legitimate providers).

With the money I’m saving I’ll just buy the few shows I liked to watch on Blu-ray/DVD.

Posted by Jeff  on  06/01  at  04:21 PM

For those of you that have cut service with cable/satellite what has your monthly ISP usage been, are you having any problems with caps because of unlimited Netflix and HULU like services?  I have been thinking of this for a while, but have been concerned I would kill the caps on our ISP service quickly.


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