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Apple Unveils Much-Anticipated iPad Tablet
January 27, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Apple’s ‘iPad’ will feature a 9.7-inch screen, apps functionality of an iPod touch and range from $499 to $829 based on capacity and networking.
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Posted by Gwagner  on  01/27  at  03:11 PM

Amazing!  Steve Jobs has updated the Newton!!

Posted by Steve Crowe  on  01/27  at  03:23 PM

Looks like an iPhone on steroids

Posted by John  on  01/27  at  04:00 PM

I am curious if this can connect to my VPN and allow me to access remote desktop on my Windows machine with it.

Posted by Steve Crowe  on  01/27  at  04:28 PM

No camera, no GPS, no multitasking, no flash, and nothing with Verizon. Think I’ll wait for iPad 2.

Posted by Gary Brewer  on  01/27  at  04:46 PM

No GPS ?? - isn’t that available as an App Steve - that’s the whole point - buy the product AND the add-ons!!

Posted by Steve Crowe  on  01/27  at  04:52 PM


So do you have to download/buy the camera app to take photos? And the flash app? Jobs talked about how it is the best device for sharing photos. Shouldn’t you be able to take photos on it? If I’m dishing out $500, there are certain things I expect it to have.

Posted by Frankie Paulie  on  01/27  at  08:23 PM

This should be used as a cyber S-napkin.

Posted by Gary Brewer  on  01/27  at  08:47 PM

i was only talking about the GPS ,Steve , - don’t get your knickers in a knot ,just because one gadget does not fulfil all your needs. personally i would prefer a decent stand alone camera , to one that is bundled in with a thousand other components.

Posted by Kev  on  01/27  at  09:01 PM

The 4:3 aspect ratio is a little disappointing.  I was hoping for 16:10 or there abouts.

Posted by Jarrod Bell  on  01/28  at  01:57 AM

Perfect for home control when combined with any home automation hardware. Our iPhone app, CF iViewer, will be released for iPad as soon as we can get hold of one for testing (60-90 days, sigh). Then you can use the iPad with our CommandFusion software to control a variety of home automation systems on the market.

Posted by OconRecon  on  01/28  at  10:39 AM

I think Apple misfired on the marketing a little here. They should have presented this as a next-gen eReader, or an eReader “but more”, or an eReader on steroids, or something, rather than a netbook competitor.

It may one day be preferred over netbooks, but its not there yet. My son has a netbook and just doesn’t use it. The screen is dim and dull. He’d rather ask to borrow his mother’s regular laptop.

Prediction 1: This is getting a similar reaction the iPhone first had. “But it doesn’t do this and it doesn’t have that”, but once people saw it, they really liked it. Those select few who were there and actually played with it are digging it. And it’s v1.0. I’m betting this thing is closer to iPhone level of success rather than closer to AppleTV level of bust.

Prediction 2: This is where newspapers end up. It’s established print media has seen its hay-day, and although newspapers will always be around, they’re on a slow burn for sure. The NYT on the Kindle kind of stinks as it’s too hard to navigate. Early buzz is the Times looked great on the iPad.

As far as price, the Kindle started at $399 with a black and white screen and one function. I think the price point of $499 is pretty impressive.

For what it’s worth, I’m more of a PC than an Apple fanboi.

Posted by Doug  on  01/28  at  12:10 PM

Wow, still no multi-tasking?  I am curious to see what the Android tablets look like.  I prefer open source but Apple does make excellent products.

Posted by John  on  01/28  at  06:12 PM

No multitasking, 4:3 aspect ratio, peripherals for everything, including a camera, no flash support, no hdmi out, and apps from the App Store, I mean the list just goes on and on. 

This is definitely not a netbook replacement, more of a glorified eReader with wifi. I could see this possibly being a useful tool for students who dont want to lug around school books, or drop $300-400 every quarter for books that get you pennies on the dollar, but without multitasking, I just can’t fathom this being very useful. Hopefully they come out with a G2 soon that addresses some of these incredibly basic issues. I think Apple dropped the ball when it comes to functionality.

Posted by Chris Winkler  on  01/29  at  11:06 AM

Does anyone know how this handles heavy flow?

Posted by John Stratton  on  01/29  at  09:33 PM

I think the iPad is perfect for what MOST people use their laptops and smartphones for… Email, music, pics, web surfing and playing games.  It is going to give you all of that and give you a richer reading experience with iBooks.  The Kindle is dead.  As far as multi-tasking - it’s not that big of a deal.  If I need to do a few things at once then I’ll jump on my desktop or laptop.  I intend to have maybe two of them in the house for easy web access without being tethered to my desktop or lugging around a laptop or looking at my iPhone’s small screen so much.

Posted by Sal  on  02/01  at  01:46 PM

When I first saw this I thought this is another winner from Apple and will probably kick the Kindle off the shelves. However, looking at it as a Netbook, I do have some issues with it.  First of all, its not something that you can just prop open on your lap and watch movies on a train with. Who is going to sit there holding the screen up for an hour? Am I missing something? And why not allow you to make phone calls from it so that you dont have to pull your Iphone out?  I’m afraid its just one too many devices for someone like me.  I dont use my computer for business so I really have no use for it despite the coolness factor. I also think its a bit pricey if you go for the 3G.

Posted by Kenneth Lawson  on  02/03  at  05:26 PM

This is NOT a replacement for the netbook, definaltly not a laptop replacement. This device is for consuming media you already have on your IPhone, or ITouch.. Add to it all of the aps that work on the IPhone/Touch many of theses aps will be much enhanced with the bigger screen. Thats not even counting aps developed specificly for the IPad, I have a Touch and as much as I love it, I bigger screen would defiantly make my old eyes happy. Every is pre-judging I device thats barely been announced much less released.. The final judge will be the consumer who buy this and find new ways to use it.  The IPhone and ITouch have already gone far beyond what was first envisioned.
For more ideas on the Ipad, and tech and media see my blog;

Posted by bdip  on  02/03  at  06:35 PM

My feelings are not that this is worse than the Iphone, just no better minus the larger screen. I would not lug this thing around when I travel, I already carry a laptop and my phone. For home use, I could see this as being a neat toy, but a toy nonetheless. There are better touch panel controls on the market, netbooks give you more flexibility, and without multitasking, I am limited with what I can actually do on it. This is a toy. Plain and simple. Apple has been milking the ipod/iphone craze as much as they possibly can and this is just another gimmick to get more sales. I appreciate what the iphone did for smartphone technology. Without it, I probably would not be enjoying my Google device.

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