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Aliens, Monsters Rule This Home Theater
Aliens, Monsters Home Theater
December 20, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This tribute to Sci-Fi may not be the biggest home theater, but the animatronics will have you jumping out of your seat - literally.
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Posted by Thaddeus Bonk  on  12/20  at  10:35 AM

Cool beans, man.

Posted by The Borg  on  12/20  at  02:53 PM

Nicely done,I could spend hours in there.

Posted by Gremmy  on  12/23  at  12:07 PM

That’s awesome, dude.  What a great multi-purpose media room.

Posted by brainy blonde  on  01/28  at  08:13 PM

nice. i aspire to have a theatre like that.

Posted by GhostAliiaz  on  03/02  at  11:41 PM

I would not want to leave it. I have dreamed of one day creating a home media room/game room one day that actually looks like a real mother ship or a scifi futuristic home of the future like year 3050. You get the picture. Guy good idea & your the best & in the future I will be doing the same, just with my own style.You are the man!!!(ha ha).

Posted by tt-rexxx  on  01/05  at  08:19 AM

Hey, does robby still make good bourbon ? lol

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