7 Blu-ray Players for Your 4K Home Theater
August 01, 2014 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
These seven top Blu-ray players turn 1080p video into 4K for your new Ultra HD TV.
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Posted by Kevin  on  08/04  at  09:22 PM

Wondering will a 4k upscaling blue ray player improve the image through a projector? And if so would it be a significant improvement? Thanks

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  08/05  at  08:07 AM

Hi Kevin,
That’s going to depend a lot on the player itself and the projector. There are only a couple true 4K home theater projectors aimed at the average home theater buyer (the 2 Sonys) plus the JVC eShift projectors which accept 4K and a few very elite projectors well over $100K market.

When you’re dealing with custom projection-based system, the whole digital chain is implicated in the picture quality.


Posted by Neil Hunt  on  08/05  at  11:38 AM

Why is it better to upscale in a blu-ray player than simply let the 4k TV upscale?

Reasons the 4k TV upscaler is probably better:
* You spent a lot more money on the TV than the BDP, so there is a good possibility that it has a good upscaler.
* Today, almost all content rendered on a 4k TV will be upscaled, since so little is available in 4k, which means that perceived quality of the new expensive TV will primarily depend on the quality of its 4k upscaler.
* A potential BD upscaler isn’t new enough compared to your 4k TV to have the opportunity to use newer technology not available at the time the TV was designed.
* The connection from BD to 4k TV would have to be via new HDMI 2.2, barely ink dry on the standards, and if any component along that path (e.g. your HDMI switching receiver) is not upgraded to 4k capability, you won’t get BD upscaling (which might be a good thing, since the TV will probably do it better).

Posted by LTskier  on  08/05  at  05:18 PM

“Many also throw in 3D effects (all 4K TVs are 3D TVs, of course)”.  Not a safe assumption:
Vizio announces its first consumer 4K TVs, kills all 3D support

Posted by marcuslaw  on  08/13  at  11:30 AM

Most of these seem to be quite capable machines.  However, I’m content to wait until the new BD 4K spec is announced.  What if it is not backward compatible with current players?  Sure, 4K upscaling is nice, but most of the 4K sets I’ve read about already upscale.

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