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$5k Project Turns into $20k Theater
April 18, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A homeowner opts to increase his budget to get the entertainment experience he and his family desire.
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Posted by steve  on  12/23  at  10:43 AM

from the systems i’ve seen people put together for 10k or so….i’m sorry to say this doesn’t have quite the same impact for 20k, i think the owners could have spent less for the same effect…20k can go quite a long way in my opinion..

Posted by Cdog  on  04/17  at  02:25 PM

They got jacked for $20K…. best buy probably made about $12,000 off them.  I have a BenqW100 projector and some Athenas ASB1s in 5.1 that blow people away, its cost me $1000 total. You’re gonna tell this guys system is 20x better than mine?

Posted by Sucker Free  on  04/18  at  07:33 PM

He got suckered, $20k for that? I’ve spent $7k on my main home theatre and have an awesome 1080p setup with blu ray & hd-dvd components…

Best Buy ran away laughing on this one..

Posted by venny  on  04/18  at  08:51 PM

this is just an ad for magnolia.

Posted by Kona  on  04/18  at  10:32 PM

I have to agree with all the above posters. This guy got ripped off by Magnolia big and I mean big time. I bet he probably bought quite a few Monster cables as well to get the price that high. However to each his own. If they are happy with spending that much, and they enjoy their new HDTV setup.. Then it was worth it in their eyes.. I sure hope Magnolia sent someone to calibrate the Plasma with an Avia disc at the very least for the money he spent..

Posted by LaRazaUnida  on  04/19  at  12:57 AM

For the comment about the Athenas sounding simmilar to the Martin Logans….I comment and ask, have you heard the two in a comparison?  If so, are you partially def in assuming the quality of the logans? 
Please, if you have opinions, at least have empirical evidence backing them up.

And to calibrate with an Avia disc?  Are you serious?  That will not get you the results of what an ISF calibrator will do, which Magnolia has.  So please do not try to compare the two. $13,000 equipment vs $30 dvd…..

Moving onto being ripped off, for the quality the person received, it is outstanding.  IF you have ever experienced a Dynamo, then please feel free to comment.  Can I build a better sub, sure?  Can I make a sub way less(money) than an “svs” sub and have a flatter response and higher spl, OF COURSE!  The only part where I see a major mark up, speaker manufactures mark up a lot themselves, would be in the cables.  The install appears to be all in wall, calibrated, remote setup (which mx is cluttery as opposed to new harmony 1000 so I can see where help would be needed), lighting and a lot more.
Can people make 20Gs go a lot further? Sure! Does everyone have the time/the care/ the ability, no. 

However, it is always more fun to spend another’s money.  Because, I can safely assume that all posting on this topic can afford a 20grand system in their household.

Posted by marc angeles  on  04/19  at  07:56 AM

LaRaza, do you work for Magnolia?  It is so clear to anyone in the HT hobby that the guy got the shaft from Magnolia.  Another reason why if you plan on building an HT, at the least, do a little homework.

Posted by Hoofdpijn  on  04/19  at  08:12 AM

If this is an ad for Magnolia it’s not a very good one.  Anyone considering installing a “Home Theater” who saw what was spent here to have that dinky screen on the wall,  would probably resign themselves to sticking with their 24” CRT for a long time.  That is the most unimpressive $20K theater I’ve ever seen. Granted, the equipment is all top notch. No question about that but we are seriously low on the bang for the buck scale here. In fact, calling this installation a “Home Theater” is seriously stretching the definition of the term. It must be nice to $20K to spend on gear that you’re not even serious enough about to put a seat in front of.

The fact that they’ve installed track lighting pointing at the installation and no on-axis seating tells me that this is more about “hey look what I have” than it is about watching anything.

Posted by Dave M  on  04/19  at  10:29 AM

I have to question the 3K labor charge. To hook up the equipment, mount the plasma, feed some wire through drywall and program the remote costs 3K? How much does that come out to per hour? And I’ve never seen a “home theatre”  so close to a kitchen before. Couldn’t find a better spot?

Posted by Mick  on  04/19  at  10:33 AM

If I pulled this kind of stunt I think my wife would kill me. Best Buy is a rip to begin with, it’s like the Wal-mart of electronic stores.He could have contacted Crutchfields and gotten more for his money

Posted by RJ  on  04/19  at  12:34 PM

I installed a real home theater before, a dedicated media room.  This guy got ripped off, for $25k he could have had a construction crew build him a new addition to his house ($5-7k), running all the wires during construction (post construction wiring costs alot more - like 3x the price), and sound proofing everything.  Along with that, he could have purchased some nice leather theatre chairs or couch (2k), had a front projection screen system (4-6k for proj 1-3k for screen )(can you say 100” or more for the same price), and had an interior decorator fix up his place (2-4k).  Yes, for under $25000.

Now you say, all that for 25k?  First, BB is a ripoff, we all know that. Second, you hire a local contractor, you’ll get a good price on the construction, and you find the nearest school with an interior design program, and hire a senior about to graduate for pennies on the dollar of an overpriced high end designer who’s sh** smells like flowers.  Then you surf the web and find 1 year old products (not the latest models) that are still absolutely awesome. 

This guy was a schmuck, he had a budget in mind, had no idea what he really wanted, and was talked into all this stuff. Too much money, and no brains.  He is too stupid to have that much money. Come on, Magnolia? Get real, what a schmuck.

Posted by Luke  on  04/19  at  05:21 PM

You guys need to look at the model number of the plasma.  Thats an older model elite plasma meaning the job was probably done some time ago.  You all know how much plasma has dropped in the last few years.  I have a 50” samsung thats 3 years old that used to retail for $8500.  If the $3000 included programming then this is probably pretty reasonable

Posted by Fred  on  04/19  at  07:24 PM

Friends don’t let friends shop at Best Buy.  Here’s a good reason why!  Wow…. 12k too much for the same setup elsewhere.  I feel for this guy.

Posted by scott  on  04/19  at  09:29 PM

Bad, bad, bad.  Run away from anyone selling you a HT like this for 20k.  Come into my house, and for half the price I’ll give you 10x the satisfaction.  And 10x the wife acceptance factor as well.  Nice dangles on the wall….NOT!

Posted by HTOwner  on  04/22  at  09:10 AM

It looks like almost everyone that made comments needs some education on Home Theater and apparently only read this magazine once in awhile.First of all this article originally ran last year and you would know that if you subscribed to the magazine.I work for a competitor and I looked up prices on all this equiptment at the time the article ran and it came out to 20K without labor so the customer got the install for free,  today you could get the same gear for half that price.I can not believe that Martin Logan is being compared to Athena they are not even in the same class.Do some research before you post most of you sound like you got your HT education from your local walmart

Posted by Marc Angeles  on  04/22  at  04:14 PM

Please.  Hey guys, looks like we have idiot #2.  HTOwner must work with LaRaza.

Posted by Derek  on  04/29  at  10:08 PM

When it refers to Derek in this article thats me.  When I put this system together, almost two years ago, this was a moderate setup.  A little taste of the high end but not crazy.  The only reason that I went with the BAs in the rear is because on the mouting angle (which I did reluctantly).  Cool little fact…. that redsox program on the remote, the same program we used for David Ortiz.

Posted by Boman  on  06/14  at  09:20 AM

Get real!!! Rip off in any language

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