5 Horrible Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day
February 11, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
If you are looking to make a good impression this Valentine’s Day, do not give these gifts to your significant other.
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Posted by lemuel  on  02/12  at  04:07 PM

lol! That gift would one of the worst in my list, my girl would look lika an alien. hahah…

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  02/12  at  06:17 PM

Hilarious. Before I read the story I was going to nominate the snorePro, but I see you’ve already got it covered. Also bad idea: gift to Jenny Craig.

Posted by Acai  on  02/13  at  12:35 PM

I love the light up bra! I’m not sure how convenient it would be though.

Posted by Joshua Acai  on  05/17  at  07:49 PM

The light up bra is so freakin hilarious!

Posted by Acne  on  08/27  at  04:51 AM

i love this bru..and i want to buy this .

Posted by Acai  on  09/06  at  01:43 PM

That is so tacky…I guess to each his own/her own.

Posted by John  on  09/13  at  02:39 PM

Does it come in black? I’m going to hit the streets with this thing!

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