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3D: Getting to Know the Hardware
March 04, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Taking the plunge into 3D home entertainment? Here are some components you’ll need to know about.
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Posted by B Wow  on  03/04  at  03:49 PM


Posted by Jeremy  on  03/06  at  12:29 PM

Just wanted to let readers know of another major option for 3D hardware. Aspen Media Products is a major player in the 3D hardware product category. They are Mitshibishi’s official 3D partner and provide the hardware and content for their 3D roadshow and 3D kiosk demos at select retailors throughout the US. Their 3D media players give you the ability to play:
-Stereoscopic DVDs
-2D to 3D realtime conversion of DVDs
-PC games in 3D
-Google Earth in 3D
-Bing Virtual Maps in 3D
-Photos in 3D

Their players start at $1499 and come with 2 pair of Xpand 3D glasses(DLP Link). The package includes a Blu-ray drive that can upgraded to be 3D compatible via a software upgrade in the near future. The player also comes standard with Windows 7 media center. Their 3D media player is also compatible with Nvidia glasses, and polarized glasses for flexibility with any system. Their website if anyone is interested in their products:

Posted by Dude  on  03/07  at  07:22 PM

Thanks go out to Jeremy from Aspen Media Products for that update.

Posted by Steve  on  03/11  at  10:13 PM

HDMI 1.3 cabling will definitely have the bandwidth…the question is whether or not the interface will support it.

10.2Gbps certified cables will easily carry 1080p120.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  03/11  at  10:31 PM

Keep in mind, not all HDMI 1.3a cables are 10.2 Gbps… Cat 1 cables are only certified up to 2.25 Gbps which won’t have the bandwidth for FHD3D.

Posted by Charles Gentzler  on  03/12  at  10:14 AM

Why do you need to send video at such a high refresh rate? How about 1080-48P and let the display show each frame multiple times.

Posted by ShowMeTheMoney  on  03/14  at  12:18 AM

At this point I think it would be cheaper to just take the kids to the local 3D Digital Cinema. Bluray players, their discs and tv’s are getting fairly affordable for the average household.

I get so much enjoyment from Master Audio and beautiful 1080p presentations that I will be content for the next 5-7 years.

Each to their own though.

Posted by DaVideo  on  03/19  at  07:04 PM

What about 3D projectors? What will the mfg’s be bringing to the table. All I have been hearing and seeing are standard flat screens. I would love to be updated on that front. Peace all.

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