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1 Million Customers Dumped Cable for Netflix and Hulu in 2011
April 05, 2012 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A new report says that more people are directing entertainment funds to the likes of Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.
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Posted by Aaron  on  04/05  at  11:56 AM

We did cut our cable for Netflix.  Then, we cut our DVD subscription and added Hulu plus.  They are worth every penny!  Not recommended for sports fans.  I don’t recommend Hulu for little kids; Netflix is much better for my 9-year old.  We use a Roku for our Hulu Plus and we use a Sony Blu Ray player to watch Netflix instant.

Posted by Jeff Drinkert  on  04/05  at  02:47 PM

We have cable for Internet only.  I built a server with a tuner that gets 11 clearQAM channels and hosts PlayOn and Remote Potato as well as serving up all our movie, music and photo collections.  We use Vonage for our phones.  We also have HULU and Netflix.  All told we pay about $60 a month for Internet, TV, Phone and streaming.  The PlayOn and Remote Potato allows us to stream everything to the BriteView boxes on each TV and to our cell phones and tablets.

Posted by Eric Morgan  on  04/06  at  12:10 PM

We cut the cord and went streaming with a ROKU box a few months ago and absolutely love it! Our next move is a digital antenna to pick up local stations that are over-the-air-broadcast for the local stuff, but that will be more of a convenience and breaking news kind of thing and not for regular viewing. We have Netflix and Hulu Plus for paid viewing, and many other channels that are fee-free. I doubt we’ll ever go back to paying for cable, it’s just not cost-effective.

Posted by brusilov  on  04/06  at  02:01 PM

Okay,  I am ignorant, how does one stream High Def content without broadband cable?

Posted by Aaron  on  04/06  at  02:18 PM

I bought an HDMI cable.  The picture looks great.

Posted by brusilov  on  04/06  at  02:46 PM

I’ve got plenty of HDMI cables, blu ray players, Netflix on disc, etc.
But I do not have a broadband provider ( Comcast ) - therefore, I cannot stream rich content.  So, once again, how does one “cut the cable” and still have what cable sends into your home?

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