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100-inch Screen Gets Mounted Flush in the Ceiling
July 23, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Provides a laid-back viewing angle for gaming and video editing in this unique bedroom application.
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Posted by shane  on  07/23  at  08:00 AM

They should have mounted it in the basement, since thats probably where hill end up living after he gets his GED.

Posted by Doug  on  07/23  at  08:55 AM

Stupid.  I disagree that no matter where they sit they’ll have a good view.  It would seem to me only laying down will work.  I predict a tremendous chiropractor bill.

Posted by steveo  on  07/23  at  09:40 AM

I think Jay Leno said it best (after he bought a jet powered motorcycle)....some people have more money than brains. 

This is incomprehensibly stupid. It is going to be neck damaging and the costs should have included chiropractic care.  Obviously this mother does not know the concept of enablement, infantilization and other basic parental concepts to avoid.

Posted by Anonymous  on  07/23  at  10:17 AM


Posted by John  on  07/23  at  10:18 AM

Your comments wreak of jealousy. I agree, having to look up to view something is not very ideal, but this is in a bedroom where quite possibly the majority or all of his viewing will be from his bed laying down. I have a plasma in my bedroom and I watch it for at most an hour before I fall asleep from my bed.

Posted by Ken  on  07/23  at  10:38 AM

and the winner of the stupid mom home theater extreme contest is…

Posted by Dan  on  07/23  at  11:02 AM

I predict that in 10 years we’ll see a crew opening up a wall to get an 800 pound man out of this bedroom. Sad.

Posted by LOLWAT  on  07/23  at  11:07 AM

this is the stupidest idea…ever.

you can see it from anywhere? sure, if you want to crank your neck or lie down. this would only make sense (and barely) if the ceiling was sloped.

she should also spend some money on upgrading that furniture. looks like it belongs to a 3-year old.

Posted by Steve  on  07/23  at  11:18 AM


Don’t a lot of people have a TV in their bedroom? Why aren’t we all 800 pounds?

Posted by Bish Bash Ruby Johnson  on  07/23  at  11:30 AM

Imagine the stains on that ceiling!! :)

Posted by Eddie  on  07/23  at  11:39 AM

How does this home get the home of the year - finalist?  That is the dumbest place to put a TV, and video editing on a ceiling TV, that sounds like fun… not.

Posted by Ryan  on  07/23  at  12:22 PM

haha, you have to give them credit though, this page definitely has the best comments ive seen in a long time.  Other than some great POV action I dont see the point of this truly stupid display.

Posted by Ryan  on  07/23  at  12:25 PM

How the F do you play your WII on this thing kid?!

Posted by toddious  on  07/23  at  12:43 PM

this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Not to mention it probably cost a LOT of money just for this “feature”. WIth all the additional framing and support that needed to be done, why wouldn’t they have built a sloped ceiling? Thanks mom?

Posted by John  on  07/23  at  01:06 PM

I think everyone needs to stop being so jealous. You’d prolly all kill to have this setup.

Posted by steveo  on  07/23  at  01:08 PM

Okay, maybe we are being harsh here, after all “to each their own”....but I don’t think our having an opinion makes us ‘haters’.

This is a neat idea for an art gallery. Or if the kid was ill and spent most of his life on his back. Or has a reallllly big room and leans back on pillows, and doesn’t mind viewing TV looking like a trapezoid.

But beyond that…this is quite off the reservation, and impractical on many fronts. I, and a million other people mount our Bedroom TV’s very high, but that is in line and comfort for laying back in bed.

This just does not fit any practical mode. But….
Now, put the lights down, put on a cool screen saver - or star field. And you’ve got some really cool ambiance.  Call up the girlfriend….

Heck, let’s go adult…skip the mirror on the ceiling and just use a camera with this TV. I’ll leave the rest to the imagination.

Posted by Corey  on  07/23  at  02:13 PM

Ok, it’s kinda neat, but really stupid and illogical. I have a 110” HD DLP projection setup in my living room with a curved silver screen and a short throw projector that projects a 16 foot wide image on my wall. So, I have nothing to be jealous about.

Once the novelty of this setup wore off it would become irritating. If you like to edit videos you know there is a lot to it and having to lay on your back, sit at a strange/harsh angle or look up to edit your videos would be a MAJOR pain the ### after a few minutes. Even playing games and watching movies would get old after not very long.

It’s illogical. Yeah, it’s kinda unique….although I have projected onto my ceiling before playing around and I can honestly say there’s no way I could keep it there. Cool for if you’re laying in bed look up, but you can lay and bed and look horizontally just as easy.

Posted by TK  on  07/23  at  03:12 PM

When I was a teenager, I got $20 a week.

And I was grateful.

Posted by brian  on  07/23  at  06:35 PM

waste of money… must have been pretty sweet on profit though…

Posted by Joe  on  07/23  at  07:30 PM

I think the bigger problem is what negative effect will this play on ones neck muscles over a long period of time.  I can’t see this being good for a kid who’s body is still in the beginning stages of development.

Very cool nonetheless.

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