Cogi Captures Your Conversations
The new service takes care of transcribing your calls and meetings.
Cogi captures your phone and in-person conversations using audio recording and speech-to-text transcription.
December 05, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Recording interviews and meetings means you never miss a minute. It also means that you can usually daydream while the original event is actually happening. The only downside is that when you go back to transcribe the recording, you usually see why you dozed off the first time.

Enter Cogi, a new service that transcribes your calls so you won’t have to. It works with any phone, whether you are at home, in the office or out and about. Users just kick off the call via desktop software or a special Cogi call-in line. Once activated, the service will record your entire conversation. Users can even punch buttons on the computer or keypad to note the good parts. When the whole thing is over, just log into your Cogi account to view and share recordings or transcripts.

Your time may be cheap, but Cogi? Not so much. However, if you do a lot of calls every month, the $30 monthly fee will be well worth the price. If you’re not sure, the company is offering 30 days of risk-free recording fun. 

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