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Chui Smart Doorbell Uses Facial Recognition to Identify Visitors
The latest security device combines Wi-Fi, a camera, and facial recognition features.
March 13, 2014 by Rachel Cericola

We’ve seen a few smart doorbells pop up lately. Most of them work in conjunction with smartphones and/or tablets to send out alerts whenever someone is at the door. Some even offer an image of the person and provide two-way communication.

However, a company named 214 Technologies is adding facial recognition into the category. That means that the Chui will let you know who goes there, without having to display a real-time image.

Chui is a smart doorbell that combines Wi-Fi, a camera, and facial recognition technology. When someone comes to the door, Chui will send a notification to the homeowner’s device of choice, with the visitor’s image, name, and a timestamp. Once received, the owner will then have the option to access Chui’s two-way audio and one-way video features.

Once Chui is connected to your home network, it does require a bit of setup. After all, you’re going to have to input all of those names and photos of family members, friends and other frequent visitors. That can be done through a web interface or by taking a photo with the actual Chui device.

Chui also has an Identity Based Audio feature, which can play a personalized message upon recognition. This would be perfect for regular package deliveries. Other perks include a Do Not Disturb feature and the option to pair Chui with web-enabled locks and lighting.

Even though Chui is being marketed as a “smart doorbell,” it can be used inside for security and monitoring purposes. Chui includes motion detection features and if the system doesn’t recognize the person sitting on your couch or raiding your fridge, it will send you a message.

“We officially unveiled Chui’s patent pending technology at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January and we could not be more pleased with the positive response we received,” said Shaun Moore, co-founder of 214 Technologies.

According to the company, that demo included Chui’s ability to differentiate between identical twins and even recognize visitors wearing sunglasses and other accessories.

The Chui is currently available with a pre-order price of $199, via the crowdfunding site Crowdtilt. The campaign has another 22 days left, with the first product shipments expected in sometime in early fall 2014.

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