CE Pro’s ‘Showroom’ Is a Well-Appointed Tech-Transformed Home
Florida-based Cinematechs transformed a 4,500-square-foot residence to showcase its high-tech services.
FINALIST: Best Home of the Year
September 07, 2009 by Arlen Schweiger

When is a showroom more than just a showroom? And what’s it doing on Electronic House?

Well, in this case, custom electronics pro Cinematechs of Boynton Beach, Fla., decided that a traditional storefront just wasn’t enough to convey its capabilities. But a regular home would be perfect for showcasing its wares in ... a traditional home setting. So owner John Picotte had the company outfit a 4,500-square-foot home with technology and systems to act as a fully demonstrational showroom.

“We were mostly designing and installing system for custom builders. Instead of having a typical store front with $20-25K a month of overhead, we decided to buy a home and convert it into a showroom,” says Picotte. “Whenever a builder or client becomes interested in our services, we have them come by to show a fully functional automated home with a theater and video wall.”

Of course, in this case there’s much more than just one room. It features automated lighting and HVAC, controlled by AMX, throughout, and loads of distributed audio and video as well as a dedicated theater.

Picotte breaks down the rooms:
These rooms have distribute audio and video: Master bedroom-Sharp 52-inch LCD with Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers with an AMX 5200I touchscreen; master bath has a 26-inch Sharp LCD with Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers; guest room 1 has a Sharp 32-inch LCD with an AMX R4 handheld remote and a pair of Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers; guest room 2 has the exact same equipment as guest room 1.

The loft has a 42-inch Fujitsu plasma with an AMX NXD7 7-inch in-wall touchscreen and a pair of Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers, plus a Bass Industries movie theater marquee. The loft is actually a concession stand and lounge area.

The theater is a mixture of traditional and contemporary French styling, says Picotte. It features a JVC DILA RS1 Projector with a 110-inch Vutec Silverstar Screen, and it shares nine sources for the whole house and theater including a Kaleidescape 5U with a 1080P K Player, A Vudu XL, three Satellite receivers, an Xbox 360, a PS3, a Wii, a Sonos system and an Apple TV. A Lutron Chronos/Radio RA system operate the lights for the theater via an AMX MVP8400I touchpanel.

The family room has a custom Wall Unit that fills the entire wall from left to right and floor to ceiling, and inside are four Sharp 37-inch TVs placed around a 55-inch Fujitsu mounted on an automated articulating mount. The unit is also decorated with a pair of Dali Helicons 800MkII a matching center channel and subwoofer acting as a pedestal to the center speaker.

Now that’s a showroom we’d like to see in our own home. Here’s more of the video wall unit and the theater

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Arlen Schweiger - Contributor, Electronic House Magazine
Arlen writes about home technology installations and product news and reviews for electronichouse.com and Electronic House magazine.

Installer/Equipment List

Systems Design & Installation
Boynton Beach, Fla.

2 AMX 8400I
1 AMX 5200I
1 AMX NXDcv12
1 AMX NXDcv7
2 AMX R4
3 AMX NI 3100
Lutron Chronos
2 AMX Colored TSTATs
3 PSAudio PowerPlay 9000
3 PSAudio PowerPack 1500
1 PSAudio Powerplant
1 PSAudio DAC
1 PSAudio 250 Watt Per/CH Amp
1 Kaleidescape 5U Server
1 Kaleidescape 1080P Player
1 Kaleidescape Music Player
1 Kaleidescape Kplayer 5000
2 B&K CT 600.3
2 B&K HD6
1 B&K AVR 505
1 B&K AVR 707
1 Xbox 360
1 Sony PS3
1 Nintendo Wii
1 AppleTV
1 Vutec 110” Silverstar
1 Fujitsu 55”
1 Fujitsu 42”
1 Sharp 52”
4 Sharp 37”
3 Sharp 32”
1 Sharp 26”
10 Pairs Monitor Audio In Ceiling Speakers
1 Pair Monitor Audio RS8
1 Monitor Audio LCR
2 Pairs Monitor Audio Silver ICP
1 Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofer
1 Pair Dali Helicon 800MKII
1 Helicon C200MKII
1 Helicon S600 Subwoofer

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