CasaTunes Adds iTunes in the Cloud Support
The newly announced upgrade will also support the fall release of iTunes Match.
June 15, 2011 by Rachel Cericola

It’s been about a week since Apple officially announced iCloud and all of its various components. Now, CasaTunes is putting its name out there, as the first multiroom music product (that we know of) to support iTunes in the Cloud beta, with plans to add iTunes Match in the fall.

According to the announcement, CasaTunes will automatically detect when any new song or other audio file is added to your iTunes in the Cloud account. It will then enable those tracks to be accessed and played via CasaTunes anywhere in the home.

“With CasaTunes support for iTunes in the Cloud, our customers can add a song to their iPhone while on the go or download a track from the iTunes Store while at work, and these songs will be immediately available in their CasaTunes library to play when they get home, without having to manually synchronize music libraries and devices,” said CasaTunes CEO David Krinker. “It’s a great new feature for our users—the time-savings and convenience is what makes the difference.”

CasaTunes says that the company will also support iTunes Match when it’s released this fall. iTunes Match offers to replace your music with 256 kbps AAC DRM-free files, if they can match the tracks in the iTunes store. The service will launch with an annual $24.99 service fee.

CasaTunes multi-source hardware/software music solutions are available for 6- to 48-room installs. The CasaTunes Music Server offers multi-streaming capabilities, which includes simultaneous streams of Windows, iTunes and multiple connected devices as well as Internet radio.

The free CasaTunes version 2.9 upgrade will be available to existing customers starting next month.

Editor’s Note: We received a comment asking if any product with iTunes support would also support iTunes in the Cloud. In other words, what makes this announcement so special? We asked David Krinker, CEO for CasaTunes to clarify.

“There are a few different methods for accomplishing this depending on the platform, but yes one way is to ‘intelligently’ monitor the iTunes Library music file, and another would be to use the iTunes Control on Windows or ScriptingBridge in Cocoa, etc.  Regardless of the approach used to accomplish this, there were quite a few implementation challenges to make this synchronization ‘intelligent”’ and perform well in a CasaTunes environment. For example, obtaining album cover art, making the synchronization ‘quasi’ real time, and ensuring performance is not affected in a music server environment that runs 24 x7. As usual the devil is in the details!

“More to the point though, I am not familiar with another whole house music server solution like CasaTunes that provides ‘quasi’ real time unattended synchronization of their iTunes music, which we believe is a real benefit to those customers embracing an Apple centric music world.”

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