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Cary Revamps CAD 211 Monoblock Amp
After more than 17 years in its product line-up, the N.C.-based company has updated one of its most popular tube amplifiers to provide today’s music listeners with more power options.
cary 211
Cary’s 211 Founder’s Edition monoblock
April 23, 2009 by Robert Archer

One of the most amazing developments to occur from the rise in popularity of digital music is the revival of analog technologies. 

It’s been well documented that vinyl sales have surged over the past several years with a number of smaller record store chains reporting sales increases as high as 20 percent in the records category. 

Music fans have also rediscovered tube-based components and manufacturers like North Carolina-based Cary Audio Design.

Cary has earned a reputation as one of the finest manufacturers of tube and solid-state components and its new 211 Founder’s Edition (FE) monoblock amplifier is designed to provide music enthusiasts with a high-powered tube alternative to solid-state amps.

The zero-feedback, triode design amp is rated to produce 150 watts in Class B mode, 110 watts in Class A/B mode and 70 watts in Class A mode, along with a choice of 4-, 8- and 16-ohm speaker terminal taps. 

The monoblock amp (which means they are sold in pairs for stereo usages) employs a 6CA7 tube as a current source, a 6SL7 in the driver stage, along with a pair of 300B tubes in the driver stage and a pair of 845 tubes in the output stage.   

Putting the audiophile jargon aside, the 211 FE’s designs allow users to choose between the “sweetness” of Class A or the faster response capabilities of Class A/B and B without sacrificing power.

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Robert Archer - Senior Editor, CE Pro
Bob is a dedicated audiophile who has been writing about A/V for Electronic House sister publication CE Pro since 2000.

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