Can I Wirelessly Send Music from Laptop to Receiver?
Consumer looking for solution to stream music from laptop to receiver.
Apple Airport Express
November 18, 2009 by CE Pro

Q. Are there any items that will let me send music from my laptop to my receiver, wirelessly, using some type of USB connection?

A. Robert Archer of CE Pro weighs in:

There are a couple of solutions that address this scenario. The first is an affordable solution from Apple called Airport Express. This $99 device goes into your wireless network and connects to your audio system via a digital optical cable or analog RCA cable.

The other solution is more expensive, but it combines wireless bluetooth, digital-to-analog audio conversion and wireless network connectivity to connect a realm of items, that range from iPhones and iPods, to computers wirelessly to stream audio.

The Chordette GEM ($799) is available through Sumiko Audio‘s network of dealers. If you are not familiar with Sumiko, it’s a San Fransisco-based U.S. importer of European-made audio and video equipment and its product lines include Sonus faber, Pro-Ject and Wolf Cinema.

There are other ways to accomplish what you want such as USB-based digital-to-audio converters (DACs) and integrated amplifiers connected to wireless transmission devices from companies like KEF, JBL and others.

Julie Jacobson of CE Pro advises:

In addition to Bob’s suggestions, there are literally hundreds of these products out there, some for less than $100.

I suggest a Google search for wireless, audio, USB. See, for example: AudioEngine AW1 ($150), D-Link DSM ($120) and Onkyo UWL-1 ($199).

Hagai Feiner of Access Networks chimed in via the CE Pro Forums:

Just get an Apple TV and use iTunes. You will need an 802.11n Wi-Fi system so the music stream is consistent (otherwise your stream will skip) and Apple TV and your computer must be on the same VLAN.

Steven Cheung of VidaBox says on the CE Pro Forums:

You’re probably looking for something like this Onkyo piece. There’s tons of this stuff available - look under the keywords of “USB audio wireless adapter”

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