Bracelet-Shaped Remote Coming in 2007
The Loop uses new Freespace technology to translate hand gestures into endless entertainment.
December 04, 2006 by Rachel Cericola

It may be early for me to start hinting at next year’s Christmas gifts, but if my husband wants to get me a fancy piece of jewelry, I’d rather wrap the Loop around my arm.

This space-age remote has the looks of Wonder Woman’s bracelets, and the superpowers to control your TV. Instead of flipping channels, the device uses just two buttons and a scroll wheel to translate hand motions into navigation through on-screen icons.

In other words, you no longer need to squint through TV listings—just click on Jack Bauer’s face for “24.”

Hillcrest Labs developed the technology, titled Freespace. The technology is up for grabs to anyone who wants to use it, but it’s still not entirely clear who will be manufacturing the remote. That information is still under the protection of the Justice League. Someone had better pick it up. I already wrote it on my Christmas list—in pen!

  • Available early 2007
  • First Freespace-enabled product
  • Technology available for PC peripherals, home entertainment consoles, game controllers, TV remotes & more



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