Blu-ray Awareness Rising Steadily
A new survey shows Blu-ray is making gains with mainstream American consumers.
April 03, 2008 by Chuck McKenney

A majority of Americans now know what a Blu-ray Disc is.

According to a new survey by the media research firm Interpret, 60% of U.S. consumers are aware of the high-def technology. Manufacturers must be beaming considering that number was zero just two years ago.

The news is even better in the “early adopter” demographic (men ages 18-34), where Blu-ray awareness stands at 76%.

Jason Kramer, chief strategy officer for Interpret, says Blu-ray faces a tougher battle than DVD when it launched 11 years ago because many consumers need to buy an HDTV in addition to a Blu-ray player.

According to the research, 9% of U.S. households have a high-definition disc player, while DVD stands at 91%.

“The format war is over, and they’ve taken Blu-ray from zero to majority awareness, but it doesn’t get easier from here, unfortunately,” Kramer tells the Hollywood reporter.

Blu-ray is even weaker overseas. Awareness is at 56% in Great Britain, 49% in Germany, 45% in Japan and just 30% in France.

(via Reuters/Hollywood Reporter)

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