Best in Show: High-Def DVDs
A quick list of the best Blu-ray and HD DVD titles to inaugurate (or augment) your high-def library.
Blu-ray HD DVD Best
February 01, 2008 by Marshal Rosenthal

Lost: The Complete Third Season- The Unexplored Experience Lost is all about discovery, and once the episodes have been viewed, it’s time to move on to the features, behind-the-scenes looks and commentaries in order to further your knowledge of the show. Rather than just placing these tidbits before the viewer in the form of passive features, interactivity is taken to the nth degree through a BD-Java enabled control panel. Video and audio flick and flitter on screen, and the task is to decipher secrets and hidden truths to unlock the mysteries. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray Disc, $96.

Best Integration of Live Action and CGI
Underdog - There’s no need to fear: a talking pooch is here! A plethora of hysterical effects are done so well, they seem almost pedestrian. The combination of canines with CGI effects seamlessly balances together. Underdog flies, lifts couches and blasts through skyscraper walls with the greatest of ease, always remembering to grab a snack along the way. Watch this, and you’ll believe a dog can fly! Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray Disc, $34. Read Review.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Fantasy movies are filled with imaginary beings and amazing effects that only CGI can provide. But to ensure they blend in with the real world, they mustn’t look like cartoon cutouts. This is always true in Harry Potter’s world, where flying on winged horse–like creatures or interacting with elves seems so natural. Even wizards in battle maintain their humanity amid sizzling beams of light and blasts of smoke: all rendered with the sharp detail of high definition. Warner Home Video, HD DVD Combo and Blu-ray, $35. Read Review.

Best Video Presentation
Spider-Man 3 - Bright and vivid colors, breathtaking cinematography, excellent integration of computer and live action: All these combine to form a sharply detailed panoramic view that keeps your eye riveted to the screen. Our favorite wall crawler has never looked so good swinging from buildings at blazing speed. And details abound, be it Sandman disintegrating or Venom enveloping his prey or even the mundane city streets. It’s like being there. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Blu-ray Disc, $43. Read Review.

Best Web-Enabled
Transformers: Two-Disc Special Edition - Want to know more about Transformers? Just do a download to see new videos and update information on the movie and actors. Or select to enhance a GPS display to provide a running account of the robots and their weapons and strengths as the movie plays. Plus, updates on Transformers 2 will be coming your way long before it hits the screen. Paramount Home Entertainment, HD DVD, $39. Read Review.

Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear your favorite hi-def dvd’s and why. Comment below!

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