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Bag Makes Airport Security a Breeze
The Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag makes it easy to whip out electronics.
Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag
The Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag is currently available in two sizes: 15.4 inches and 17 inches.
July 28, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Unless you are a seasoned traveler, airport security can be stressful. Pulling out a laptop can often feel like an endless task. Now Aerovation wants to make those minutes easy, with the Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag.

Instead of fishing around in a bag, which can hold everything and anything from your cell phone to pens to airplane snacks, this bag has a compartment specifically for the laptop. Once you reach the screening belt, that section peels open easily for screening. There are no snaps, zippers or clips; it’s like your laptop’s own Ziploc bag. The company says they have been developing the unit since March.

After checking out the product site, we found a message stating that customers have complained. Apparently, the bag is still suspect in some security lines. You may still have to remove your laptop.

However, there should be no lines or waiting for this product: It’s available now in black in sizes of 15.4 and 17 inches. Prices start at $130. Check out some of the mobile magic below.

Editor’s Note: As of August 21, Solo changed the name of the line to CheckFast.


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