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May 12, 2014 by Lisa Montgomery

System Design & Installation
Electronics Design Group (EDG)
Piscataway, N.J.

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The owners of this 14,000-square-foot home in New Jersey were already investing time and money to update the electronic systems inside their home; so why not also add technology to the back yard as it underwent a massive renovation, they thought. “They entertain a lot and wanted the same casual, comfortable party atmosphere outside as the house would have inside,” says custom electronics (CE) professional David Devanna, from Electronics Design Group (EDG), Piscataway, N.J.

Naturally, EDG would install a weather-hardy TV and outdoor-rated speakers to the new, revamped exterior spaces, which would include a fully functional kitchen, a covered bar and seating area, and several patios and decks. A swimming pool, hot tub and fountains were already in place and in good condition, but even they were tweaked to take this outdoor living space to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Although the architectural and landscaping redesign had a lot to do with the new vibe in the back yard, credit also goes to the seamless integration of a Savant home control system, which was handled by the pros at EDG. It’s the addition of this technology that affords the owners the luxury of controlling all of the lights, music, video, security devices and water features with nothing more than a couple of finger taps on an iPad.

For example, while lounging at the pool, the homeowners can use an iPad to choose a piece of music to play through all or just some of the dozen-or-so speakers sprinkled throughout the outdoor area. EDG strategically positioned them throughout the yard so that an afternoon playlist wouldn’t disturb the neighbors. Through a Savant mobile app, the owners can peruse songs available to them from a rack of audio components stored in an equipment room inside the house. They can control the volume, skip to a new station or source and kick-start the fountains for some additional ambiance. It’s just as easy to control the landscape lighting during evening gatherings. Or, the owners can let the Lutron lighting system’s built-in astronomical timeclock turn the lights on automatically at dusk, and then off in the morning.

End to a Networking Nightmare

With so many commands zipping around the inside and now the outside of this house, a solid, reliable wireless network was an absolute must. But not any old network equipment would suffice, as the homeowners and custom electronics (CE) professionals at EDG quickly discovered. “As soon as we installed the surveillance cameras they crashed the network,” says EDG’s David Devanna. When this happens, control over the lights, A/V components, fountains and swimming pool via an app on a tablet or smartphone is rendered nearly impossible. For this reason, EDG swapped the home’s existing networking equipment for enterprise-grade routers and wireless access points (including one for the outdoor area) from Linksys and Ruckus. It’s a fairly simple update that makes a huge difference in the performance of a home control system.

Video is piped to a 50-inch outdoor-rated Pantel TV in a similar manner: The owner taps a few icons on the iPad and in seconds a movie pops onto the set from a well-stocked Kaleidescape media server. “They watch so many movies outside that we connected the outdoor TV to its own Kaleidescape unit,” says Devanna. “The TVs in the house share a second server.”

No matter how engrossed in a flick the family might be or relaxed on the mosquito-proof deck (motorized screens can be lowered via an iPad command), the Savant system keeps the homeowners apprised of what’s happening elsewhere on the property. For example, when incoming visitors press a button on a Viking intercom station by the front gate, the Savant system temporarily mutes the music and emits a chime through every speaker on the property. This is the owners’ cue to grab an iPad. On its screen they can see an image of the visitor captured by an IC Realtime camera that’s perched on a pedestal at the gate. The owners can touch a button to unlock and swing open the gate. Additional surveillance cameras planted around the exterior are used mostly when the owners are inside and want to monitor the whereabouts of their pair of Westie terriers. Shots from all 16 cameras can be brought up at once on the screen of an iPad.

Controlling each element of this made-over back yard couldn’t be easier, but still the owners felt comfortable putting the Savant system in complete charge of some of the features. “They wanted the exterior of the house—the back yard and the front yard—to look their best at certain times of the day, whether they were home or not,” Devanna explains. “So we programmed the Savant system to activate the fountains and lights automatically throughout the day.” Consider it curb appeal with a high-tech twist.

Photography by William Psolka

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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.

1 Savant Systems HST-1001 Rosie Host Controller w/Media Server & up to 8 Mobile Device Server
1 Savant Systems MSC-12SE Rosie System 12 Base Model (not expandable)
1 Savant Systems AIM-0A16 16-Ch Analog Input Module (unbalanced)
3 Savant Systems AOM-016U-00 16-Ch Stereo Preamp Output Module (Unbalanced)
2 Savant Systems ITS-1002-20 In-Wall Touch Panel Servers (2) With Dual-Port Tp Extenders
1 Savant Systems ITS-1001-00 In-Wall Touch Panel Server And Single-Port Tp Extender
2 Client Supplied Niles SI-275 Amplifier
4 Client Supplied Niles SI-1230 Amplifier
1 Client Supplied Speakercraft BB-1235 Amplifier
2 APC SUA2200RM2U APC 10-Outlet Smart-UPS with 2200V Load Capacity and RS232, USB and Smart Slot - Rack Mountable
2 Furman Elite-15 PF i 12 Outlet Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner, 15 Amp
1 Middle Atlantic ERK-SYS ERK Equipment Rack System, Consisting of: ERK Rack, Caster Base, Custom Racks Shelves, Blanks, Ventilation Panels, and Wire Management
2 Client Supplied Two Racks

1 Slim Devices SqueezeBox Reciever Digital Music Player, No Display
1 Integra TUN-3.7 Multi-Platform Card Based Tuner
1 Integra C-AMFM AM/FM Tuner Module
1 Sirius SCH2P Sirius Professional Tuner
1 Apple Mac Mini 1.83GHz Mac Mini
1 Client Supplied Yamaha CDC-775

2 Client Supplied Outdoor Speakers
1 Client Supplied Volume Control

1 Savant Systems WIA-4000-01 8GB iPod Touch
1 Sonance IW-20 iPort In-Wall Dock
4 Client Supplied Outdoor Speakers
2 Client Supplied Volume Control

1 Aplie iPad
1 Savant Systems iPad-Wall Dock
2 Client Supplied Outdoor Speakers
1 Client Supplied Volume Control

1 Savant Systems RTR-1000-02 Rosie Traditional Remote
1 Savant Systems OSD-1010 Rosie OSD Control System
1 Savant Systems UCX-1000-00 USB Over Cat5E Extender Set Tx And Rx
1 Savant Systems RFD-1000 Radio Frequency USB 2.0 Dongle
1 Pantel PAN420 42” Outdoor Weatherproof TV built in wireless
1 Pantel WR-6015 Wall Mount Stand
1 Kaleidescape KPLAYER-300 1080p Mini Player
1 Kaleidescape KSHELF-300 Mini Player Rack Shelf, 1U holds 2 Players
1 Client Supplied Cable Box HD Cable Box w/ DVR
1 Key Digital KD-CATHD HDMI over Dual Cat5 Extender Kit, 150’ Max
2 Audioquest Forest HDMI-1 M HDMI HDMI to HDMI
2 Intelix AVO-V3 Single RGB Video Balun
2 Intelix AVO-A2 Single Dual Mono or Stereo Audio Balun
2 Audioquest YIQ-A-1 M Component Video RCA to RCA
2 Audioquest Alpha-Snake-1 M Audio Interconnects RCA to RCA
2 B&W WM-6B 2 Way Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Ported Monitor - Black

1 Linksys WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with VPN
1 Cisco SGE2010P Linksys Stackable Gigabit Ethernet Switch w/PoE
1 Access Networks Unity 6W Ruckus ZoneDirector Wireless LAN Controller & ZoneFlex 802.11g WAP w/ Upgrade to 12AP License
1 Access Network Unity 6W WAP 6 Ruckus ZoneFlex 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band WAP’s & 1 Outdoor WAP

1 Lutron H8P5-MI-D48-120 8 Series P5 Processor with Dimmer and Module Interface
1 Lutron HW-RPM-4R-120 4 Zone Relay Module
1 Lutron HW-RPM-4U-120 4 Zone Relay Module
2 Lutron HW-RPM-4U-120 4 Zone Relay Module
2 Lutron HW-RPM-4U-120 4 Zone Relay Module
1 Lutron SOFTDEVKIT Software Developer Kit-Lighting Programing Software
1 Crestron CSP-RS2321 RS-232 Isolator
1 Ditek DTK-120S20A 120V 20A Series Hybrid w/ Emi/RFI Filtering

1 Viking LBD-2 Loop and/or Ring Detector
1 Ditek DTK-GPK1 Gate Control Panel Protection Kit (1) 120HW (120VAC Power) (1) 4LVLPCR; (1) 4LVTEP; (1) 4LVLPD

2 Misc Install Misc. Parts & Material

1 Jandy 7620 Aqualink RS-232 Generic Serial Adapter
1 Crestron CSP-RS232I RS-232 Isolator

19 Aprilaire 8870 Home Automation Communication Thermostat
1 Aprilaire 8061 2-Remote Temperature Support Module for Model #8870
3 Aprilaire 8818 Distribution Panel for Automated HVAC System
1 Aprilaire 8811 RS 232/485 Protocol Adapter

1 FSR T2-DRX Bi-Directional RS-232 and IR Reciever 1RUx1/4 Wide
1 FSR T2-DTX Bi-Directional RS-232 and IR Transmitter 1RUx1/4 Wide
1 Crestron CSP-RS232I RS-232 Isolator

1 PCTEL XM-500 XM Antenna
2000 Savant EDG Savant 3-Cat 5e & 1-14/2 Bundle
2000 Wire CAT 6 Category 6 - 4 Pair 24 Gauge Ethernet Wire (1000Mbps)
500 Wire RG59 Video Coaxial Cable - 18 Gauge Solid Copper Center and 95% Copper Braid
500 Wire 16/4 Speaker 16 Gauge 4 Conductor Speaker Wire
1000 Wire EDG Lighting Custom Control Cable - 18 Gauge 2 Pair 600V Tray Cable - Each Pair Twisted and Shielded with Drain

36 EDG PMAN - NJ Project Management
44 EDG ENG Engineering & Technical Documentation
40 EDG RACK Rack Building - Assembly, Burn-In, & Testing
0 EDG TECH - NJ Prewire Labor
80 EDG TECH - NJ Test, Tone & Trim Labor
320 EDG TECH - NJ Final Instillation
12 EDG Net Final - NJ Onsite Configuration & Installation of: Network
88 EDG PROG - NJ Control System Programming - Integration
4 EDG PROG - NJ Control System Programming - Irrigation System Integration
24 EDG LTG PROG - NJ Lighting System Programming
70 EDG DVD Importing Ripping and Grooming of Client DVD collection to Hard Drive
1 EDG PM-Gold Preventitive Maintenance - Gold - 1 Year
1 ADMCHRG Processing, Shipping, Handling, & Warehouse

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