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Audio Extreme Home Theater Features Custom-built Speakers
Bigger is better in this dedicated home theater equipped with commercial-grade speakers and 154-inch screen.
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May 21, 2014 by Lisa Montgomery

System Design & Installation
Electronics Design Group (EDG)
Piscataway, N.J.
Knight Architects
Princeton, N.J.
Baxter Construction
Hopewell, N.J.
Acoustical Engineering & Design
Acoustic Smart
Merrick, N.Y.

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The owners of this dedicated 700-square-foot home theater filled every inch with some of the biggest, baddest A/V equipment on the market. “He wanted impact, slam and dynamic entertainment,” says custom electronics (CE) professional David Devanna from Electronics Design Group (EDG), Piscataway, N.J. “We put in the largest screen that would fit—a 154-inch display from Elite Screens—and used huge custom-made speakers and subwoofers from Klipsch to give the room the impact of something you’d expect from a commercial movie theater.”

Achieving such extreme A/V, though, would test the design and engineering skills of the pros at EDG. Integrating commercial-style products in a residential space often brings with it certain challenges and special requirements. For example, to produce the bright images the homeowner demanded of the 2.35:1-format screen, the room would need a projector with a high light output and precise positioning. “It’s often difficult to light up screens of this size, especially when they are made of an acoustically transparent material,” Devanna explains. An Epson PowerLite Pro, which EDG fitted with both a zoom lens and anamorphic lens, possessed the lighting muscle, but getting the machine into prime location proved more difficult. Based on sightline calculations, the unit would work best mounted above the doorway to the theater—less than ideal visually and ergonomically. Rather than let the projector dangle at the entrance, EDG tucked it into the ceiling, and with the help of the engineers at Epson devised a ventilation system composed of several electronically controlled fans and vents, which would keep the hot-running projector cool and in top working condition.

Fit and Finish

At first glance, the walls, ceilings and seating in this space seem more decorative than anything else. But they also play a critical role in the theater’s performance. Designed and engineered by Acoustic Smart, Merrick, N.Y., the fabric wall and ceiling panels contain acoustical materials to help prevent sound from seeping into other areas and to enhance the quality of the audio reproduction. Explains Acoustic Smart owner Richard Charschan, “The acoustical treatments prevent the audio from echoing and losing detail. It also helps ‘scatter’ the sound so that the audio sounds just as good to the people seated in the back row as it does to people seated on the custom sofa in the front.”

As for the 4-foot-high architectural speakers that would flank the screen, EDG collaborated with the architect to build out the wall studs of the theater so that the large, powerful speakers could be recessed completely within the wall. “She allocated the 18-inch depth we needed for the three front speakers and two subwoofers,” says Devanna. These custom-made Klipsch speakers, plus the remaining four ceiling-recessed, residential-grade Klipsch speakers, are powered by eight Crown amplifiers (three 700-watt amps, three 215-watt amps, and two 1,050-watt amps) for an audio wallop “that’s way over the top of what you’d expect from a 700-square-foot theater,” Devanna says, noting that this theater’s audio system is not only about playing loud, but playing efficiently. “By having lots of power from the Crown amps and speakers that are engineered to play efficiently, you can achieve volumes that are realistic without causing the system to overtax itself,” he explains.

No matter how big the audio gets, though, the theater’s room-within-a-room construction prevents the sound from seeping into other areas of the house, namely, the living room directly above. A combination of a vinyl barrier, acoustic wall lining and decorative interior absorption panels effectively contain the audio.

Of course, all the best equipment in the world means nothing if you can’t easily control it. To simplify the operation of the powerful theater down to a single touch of a button, EDG installed a Control4 automation system. Using a handheld Control4 remote, the owners can tap a key to rev up the Epson projector, Integra receiver and Crown amplifiers, and dim the lights. From there, they can play content from different sources, including an Oppo 3D Blu-ray player, AppleTV, and cable box. The next step involves nothing more than sitting back in a reclining Acoustic Smart chair and reveling in a massive mind-blowing, ear-blasting A/V presentation.

Photography by William Psolka

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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.

1 Control4 C4-HC800-BL Control Processor w/ 2 RS232, 6 IR and HDMI
1 Control4 C4-1UREK-B 1U Rack Ear Kit for HC-800
1 Control4 C4-16S2-E-B Audio Matrix Switch - 16 - V2
1 Control4 C4-16AMP3-B Multi Channel Amplifier - V3
2 Control4 C4-4URMK-B 4U Rack Mount Kit, Vented
1 Client Supplied Rotel Amp Rotel RB-1070 2 Channel Amp - to power outdoor speakers
1 Dell PowerConnector 2816 PowerConnect 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web-Managed Switch
1 Panamax M4315-PRO Pro Series 8 IP Programmable Power Management Outlets 15 AMP
1 Middle Atlantic ERK-SYS ERK Equipment Rack System, Consisting of: ERK Rack, Caster Base, Custom Rack Shelves, Blanks, Ventilation Panels, and Wire Management

1 Control4 C4-TUN2-E-B Multi-Tuner V2
1 Control4 C4-XMOD XM Module for Multi-Tuner V2
1 Sonos CONNECT Sonos Audio Player, no Amp - provides streaming audio for Sirius, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, connection to clients iTunes library
1 Control4 C4-IPDKTT1-E-B Dock for iPod
1 Client Supplied CD Changer Integra SCS 3.4 CD Changer

1 Control4 C4-MyHome-Site-E MyHome - Site License for Multiple Devices
1 Control4 C4-CHE-XXX Composer Home Edition
1 Control4 C4-4Sight 1 Year 4Sight Subscription Kit
1 Extra Vegetables Sonos - 2 Way Driver Two-Way Driver for Sonos Integration into Control4

1 Samsung UN40ES6500FXZA - 40” Class LED 6500 Series Smart TV
1 Sanus LT25-B1 Tilting Mount for 60” TV
1 Client Supplied HD Cable Box w/ DVR
1 Rainbow Fish H3D-BK035F 35’ Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

1 Control4 C4-HC800-BL Control Processor w/ 2 RS232, 6 IR and HDMI
1 Control4 C4-1UREK-B 1U Rack Ear Kit for HC-800
1 Control4 C4-SR250-Z-B System Remote Control, SR-250
1 Integra DHC-80.3 THX Ultro2 Plus, Balanced Preamplifier/Processor
1 Integra IRK-180.4 Rack Mount for DHC-80.3
6 Crown XLS1000 214w x 2 or 700w x 1 @ 8 ohms Amplifier
2 Crown XLS1500 300w x 2 or 1050w x 1 @ 8 ohms Amplifier
1 Furman Elite-20 Pfi 20A 12 Outlet Ht Power Conditioner Power Factor
1 Panamax M4315-PRO Pro Series 8 IP Programmable Power Management Outlets 15 AMP
1 Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11 Base Station w/ 3 port Gigabit Ethernet
1 Dell PowerConnect 2808 PowerConnect 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web-Managed Switch
1 Middle Atlantic ERK-SYS ERK Equipement Rack System, Consisting of: ERK Rack, Caster Base, Custom Racks Shelves, Blankets, Ventilation Panels and Wire Management
1 Oppo BDP-95 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-Ray Disk Player
1 Apple AppleTV AppleTV
1 Client Supplied HD Cable Box w/ DVR
1 EDG AUX HDMI Input Jack at Rack
1 Epson V11H266920 PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL
1 Epson V12H004M06 Middle Throw Zoom Lense #1 for PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL/Z8050WNL
1 Epson V12H003B25 Flush Ceiling Mount Bracket for PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL and Z8050WNL
1 Panamorph A480SYS UH480, ATH1, AK(X)PRO & RPA Anamorphic System
1 Panamorph CK480-C 20.5’ - 24.0’ Conversion Kit
1 Furman MIW-POWERKIT-PRO In Wall Powerkit-Pro
1 Elite Screens CURVE235-148A1080 Lunette Series - Cinema Scope Acoustically Transparent Woven Material Fixed Frame Curved Projection Screen - 148”(2.35.1) 136.5” Wide x 58” High
3 Klipsch KPT-325 Cinema Speaker w/ 15” Woofer & Tractix Horn
2 Klipsch KL-6504-THX 2-Way in-wall Architectural Speaker
2 Klipsch KPT-418-SW Cinema Speaker Subwoofer w/ 18” Woofer
4 Klipsch KS-7800-THX Two-Way In-Wall Surround THX Loudspeaker, Sealed Enclosure
4 Klipsch IK-802-W Installation Kit
6 Dynamat EN-WALL Kit - 6 In-Wall Speaker Sound Isolation Kit (4 Sides & 2 Rears)
5 Liberty Z20A2 2 Meter Audio Interconnect
1 Liberty E-HDSM-M-1 1 Meter HDMI High Speed Cable
4 Liberty E-HDSM-M-2 2 Meter HDMI High Speed Cable
1 Liberty E-HDSEM-M-15 15 M HDMI high speed w/ ethernet cable
1000 Wire 14/2 Speaker 14 Gauge 2 Conductor Speaker Wire (1000Mbps)
750 Wire CAT 6 Category 5 - 4 Pair 24 Gauge Ethernet Wire (1000 Mbps)
300 Wire RG6 Quad Quad Shield Coaxial Cable - 18 Guage Solid Copper Center
50 Wire RGBHV 6 6 Conductor Mini RG59 Cable
1 Misc. Headend Parts & Materials

3 Wired Locations MRA Speaker Location Wiring to support 2 Stereo Speakers or 1 Dual Tweeter MRA Speaker Locatin, 1 16/4
4 Leviton EDG 6 Port TV Jack 2 F-Connector, 4 RJ-45 Cat-6 Jacks, Screwless Faceplace, 1 Gang, 2 RG-6 Coax, 3 Green CAT-6, 1 Yellow CAT-6
1 Misc. Headend Parts & Materials

1 Pakedge RB-KIT Preconfigured Router & 1U Rackmount
1 Pakedge SW24-GB 24 Port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch
3 Pakedge WAP-W3N Enterprise-class, Ultra High Throughput Rackmount/Wall Mount Wireless-N

1 Pakedge WAP-03G Enterprise-class Outdoor Wireless Access Point
4 Pakedge PI-04 Power Over Ethernet Injector 10/100/1000
1 Panamax M4315-PRO Pro Series IP Programmable Power Management 15 AMP

3 Control4 C4-KP6-Z-xx Wireless 6 button Keypad
18 Control4 AC-3C-xx/AC-6C-xx Custom 3/6 Button Engraved Keycap
20 Control4 C4-DIM1-Z-xx Wireless Dimmer, 1000W, 120VAC
3 Control4 C4-SW1-Z-xx Wireless Switch, 120VAC
2 Control4 C4-WP2-xx Wall Plate - 2 Gang (color)
5 Control4 C4-WP3-xx Wall Plate - 3 Gang (color)
1 Control4 C4-WP4-xx Wall Plate - 4 Gang (color)
1 Card Access WCS10-R-X-ZP ZigBee PRO Extender

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