Are You Ready for ‘Intelligent’ Kitchen Cabinets?
Motion sensor-based cabinets rise vertically to disappear. Cabinets can be tied into a whole-house automation system.
July 31, 2009 by Jason Knott

In what might be the ultimate kitchen automation, Anvil Cabinet and Mill has introduced a line of fully automated, “intelligent” kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets, which have the ability to “automatically fold and disappear” almost like a Roman shade, are activated by motion sensors. The homeowner simply waves his or her hand or taps a finger near the sensor.

Unlike cabinets that have always opened with a hinged, swinging motion, Anvil Motion cabinets’ patent-pending technology allows the doors to rise and fall vertically, concealing or revealing contents.

Cabinets can also be programmed to open in unison or individually through pre-programmed scenes. For example, a baking scene would open cabinets that house ovens, baking implements and standard baking ingredients.

Check out this video (click “Video” on the left side of the home page) where the homeowners are using an AMX touchscreen for control. You have to see it to believe it.

The system includes an option for biometric security to control access to prescriptions, sharp objects and valuables with fingerprint recognition software.

Other features:

  • The ability to program cabinets to close as the homeowner exits the kitchen
  • Drawers that respond to touch by gliding in and out of the cabinet box with memory that senses the need to close multiple drawers and reverses opening order

Anvil Motion can integrate with lighting control and HVAC, security and media systems.

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