Apple’s ‘Genius,’ New Nanos Highlight Big Day
Apple showed off its new Genius playlist creation technology, slick and colorful iPod Nanos and second-gen iPod Touch devices today.
ipod nano
Apple’s fourth-gen iPod Nanos come in a rainbow of colors
September 09, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Any Apple fanboy has been waiting for today for some time. With leaks of new iPod Nano designs and who-knows-what-else looming, Apple press conferences are always edge-of-your-seat events.

Yes, Steve Jobs showed off the new Nanos in full force today—with many pretty colors, too, and a super-thin design. The thinnest iPod yet, in fact.

They come in 8GB and 16GB flavors, in silver, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, red and black—for $149 and $199, respectively. Three other features stand out: Apple’s new Genius technology that plucks songs from your collection similar to the one your listening to (guess the guys out in Cupertino like Pandora) for automatic playlist creation, which will also be a button on iTunes 8; Cover Flow mode for scrolling when you rotate the Nano; and Shuffle Mode when you give the device a little shake.

The new Nano design with its two-inch display features curvy aluminum and glass enclosure.

If you’re looking for other iPods, Apple also revealed the second-generation iPod Touch models, as well as a 120GB Classic (at just $249). The 8GB Touch is out for $229, the 16GB for $299, and the 32GB for $399—and Jobs is calling it “the funnest iPod ever” thanks to things like access to more games. “Spore Origins” and “Scrabble” from Electronic Arts, and “Real Football 2009” from Gameloft were a few to mention, available on iTunes or through the App Store application on the Touch.

Apparently the blood feud between NBC and Apple is over now, too, as Apple also announced the return of NBC content for iTunes—ranging from 99 cents for catalog content like “A-Team” and original “Battlestar Galactica” episodes; $1.99 for current episodes; and $2.99 for high-def episodes. There’ll be discounted season passes too.

Just another ho-hum day in Mr. Jobs’ universe.

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