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Apple Touts iTunes’ 200 Million TV Show Sales
Apple announced that its iTunes store has sold over 200 million episodes, including more than 1 million in HD since launching high-def downloads last month.
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Apple’s iTunes store has sold more than 200 million TV shows, including 1 million in HD
October 16, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Apple is giving itself a pat on the back again, and with good reason. Millions catch up on their TV viewing through iTunes, and they’re jumping on all of the new HD episodes too.

The iTunes cash cow has sold over 200 million (!) TV episodes, including over 1 million HD episodes alone in the short one month period that HD shows have been available through the online store, Apple said today.

If you need to search for a primetime program, Apple also points out that it has HD episodes from all four major networks—ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC—now, so you can buy “Lost,” “Numb3rs,” “Prison Break,” and “30 Rock” in one big shopping spree.

The standard-definition catalog also extends to Bravo, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, FX, HBO, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sci Fi, Showtime and USA, while you can also grab a few Sci-Fi network and USA network programs in HD to go with the major networks. There are also discounts if you buy season passes.

If you haven’t shopped at iTunes for TV episodes yet, they’ll run you $1.99 for a standard-def episode, and high-def programs are $2.99 each. That makes for about a tidy $400 million Apple’s cleaned up selling just TV. I hear they sell music and movies on that iTunes thingy too.

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