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Anthony Gallo Cranks Out Another Pair of Super-Cool Circular Speakers
The Micro SE and A'Diva SE speakers are shipping now.
The Micro SE from Anthony Gallo Acoustics.
May 16, 2013 by Rachel Cericola

Anthony Gallo Acoustics has been cranking out very cool, very circular speakers for quite some time. However, they never seem to disappoint with that design, and the company’s latest two speakers are no exception.

The company just debuted the Micro SE and the A’Diva SE, which are enclosed in 4- and 5-inch-diameter all-metal spheres. Each one is designed to satisfy your inner-audiophile and promises a full, 3D-like soundstage.

Both models have a proprietary ultra-wide dispersion, flat-diaphragm transducer, which promises a frequency range from 80Hz to 22kHz (A’Diva SE). And because each one only has that one driver, the company says that you don’t need a crossover. Other features include OPT (Optimized Pulse Technology) and patented S2 damping-control pods.

“For the past 15 years we have been searching the world over for the ‘Holy Grail’ of small, single, full-range drivers. One that would outperform the best woofer/tweeter combinations in terms of resolution, transparency and dispersion,” says AGA founder Anthony Gallo. “Since such a transducer did not exist, we knew we would have to create one. So, we got busy trying different combinations of materials and topologies to achieve the perfect flat diaphragm driver for our new Micro/A’Diva Special Edition satellite speakers. After hundreds of experiments and prototypes, and almost 15 years later, we nailed it! Finally, we have created tiny satellite speakers that fit in the palm of your hand that, not only are amazing as desktop/tablet speakers, but in several ways exceed the performance of many stereo and home theater speakers regardless of size or price.”

If you’re looking for a complete circular setup, Anthony Gallo Acoustics recommends pairing these speakers with the TR-1D or TR-3D subwoofer. The Micro SE and A’Diva SE are shipping now for $239 and $279 each, respectively. If you want to add a stainless steel finish, expect to add $40 to the price of the Micro and $30 to the A’Diva.

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