Air Blasts the Water Out of Washing Machine
Airwash conserves that precious water and puts a new spin on doing laundry.
August 31, 2007 by Rachel Cericola

For years, various men in my life have tried to convince me that “airing stuff out” is just as good as giving it a wash. Not only were they sort of right, but Electrolux even awarded a prize for that “theory.”

The Airwash is a new waterless washing machine. It’s not ancient Chinese secret; it’s negative ions, compressed air and “deodorants.” Apparently when matched up, this trio has all of the cleaning power of your mom, your spouse and 10 bottles of Shout combined. I wonder if you’d get the same result from the deodorant and 20 minutes out the car window.

Oh Gizmo says they are working on a prototype. Electrolux says this was the winner of “the most outstanding new appliance concept for the home of 2020.” Looks like you’re stuck with the fluff and fold for a while.





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