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AAMP’s Recessed Cable Plates Make for True Flush-Mounting and No Wire Clutter
Homeowners can enjoy a clean flat-screen and A/V gear setup with the aid of AAMP's new pass-through cable plates for installers.
AAMP plates
AAMP’s recessed pass-through cable plates
June 08, 2007 by Arlen Schweiger

AAMP of America Home, the high-performance home audio and video accessories division for AAMP of America, has released recessed pass-through cable plates for the custom home installer, with the benefit for homeowners who are looking for true flush-mounted flat-screen TVs and no wiring clutter with their A/V. The plates eliminate bulky cable runs outside the wall and make for cleaner installs in areas where space to run wires is limited, the company says.

Low voltage single pass-through (45-001), double pass-through (45-0002), and triple pass-through (45-0003) plates are available, as well as a combination low voltage plate with recessed power (45-0021). The single and double pass-through plates can be ordered in black, white, brown, and light almond; the triple pass-through plate in black and white; and the combination low voltage plate in white. All four pass-through plates include mounting screws, and can be installed upright or upside down.

For flat-screen jobs, the 45-00021 cable plate with recessed power is an all-in-one plate that also delivers 120 volts. And with the 45-001, 45-0002, and 45-0003, installers have three options to better customize their jobs and please their homeowner clients.

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