$99 VuNow PoD Streams Web to Your TV
You can have an influx of web video content streamed to your TV for convenient viewing with the $99 VuNow box.
vunow pod
Verisimo’s VuNow PoD
December 24, 2008 by Arlen Schweiger

Set-top boxes that take all of that massive video content out there on the web and transfer it so you can watch on your TV. The flood of products with this capability is only beginning.

The latest in the category is Verisimo’s VuNow PoD box that doesn’t seem quite as robust as, say, a ZeeVee box but does seem to offer quite a bit in delivering online goodies.

The VuNow PoD comes in two flavors—standard-def, for $99; and high-def, for $149—that will connect to your TV.

You can hook the small boxes up hard-wired or wirelessly, and then navigate with the nifty little controller and on-screen user interface.

Other features include:

  • Easy YouTube navigation by category
  • Video search engine functionality
  • BitTorrent download capability
  • Popular website video selection by category
  • Live TV global channels
  • Access to your PC-stored, NAS-stored or USB-stored media
  • Movie downloads from CinemaNow (not quite yet, but coming soon)

There aren’t any subscription fees involved, so click away on as many videos as you can find and access.

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