8 Ultra HD 4K TVs Over 70 Inches
Everything in 4K is better when it's bigger.
Samsung’s 105-inch UN105S9W.

August 20, 2014 by Rachel Cericola

The buzz term among TV and home theater enthusiasts this year has certainly been “Ultra HD.” You may know this technology as 4K. However you know it, you probably know it—mainly because we’ve talked about it at length for a good portion of this year. 

The reason you want to know about Ultra HD is that this is the new video technology that promises four times the resolution of a 1080p image. That basically means more lifelike images, with better colors and clarity than you’ve ever seen from a big screen.

Speaking of which: This is the type of technology that you probably don’t want to skimp on. Sure, there are plenty of 55-inch 4K TVs to be had. However, bigger is always better, correct?

Well, not always. It’s important to remember that the size of your room and your seating distance are major factors to consider when choosing the size of your TV. However, if you’re hoping to create a theater-like experience around 4K, you can opt for a big-screen TV instead of a projector.

That should be pretty easy, since there aren’t too many 4K projectors currently available. They’re out there, but in much smaller numbers. However, several manufacturers have embraced big-screen 4K TVs—and we mean big.

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Assuming you have the space and the budget, there are several big-screen options. We’ve compiled some of the biggest Ultra HD 4K TVs that you can buy today (and at least one eye-popping 105-incher that should be coming very soon). Take a peek at our list of 8 Ultra HD TVs Over 70 Inches.

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Rachel Cericola - Contributing Writer
Over the past 15 years, Rachel Cericola has covered entertainment, web and technology trends. Check her out at www.rachelcericola.com.

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