7 Odd Holiday Tech Gifts
Some are kind of cool. Some are the electronics equivalent of giving fruitcake.
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December 22, 2009 by Tom LeBlanc

This isn’t the most useful list of holiday gift ideas for tech lovers, but it might be the strangest.

We searched for quirky electronics gift ideas and came up with some gems.

Do you know anybody who’s frustrated that their toilet paper holder doesn’t play music? There’s a solution for under $30.

Would you like Florence Henderson to provide someone you love with tech support? You can make it happen for a small monthly fee.

Do you know somebody in need of a computer mouse shaped like a chili pepper? They only cost $19.99!

Can you think of somebody who would deem a microchip-shaped cuff link a nice accessory to a dress shirt? I’ll be amazed if there aren’t some electronics industry reporters wearing these at the next press conference.

Unlike some of the products populating it, this guide might not be useless. If you have a quirky electronics enthusiast on your list, our guide to weird tech gifts might come in handy.

Click here for 7 Weird Holiday Tech Gifts.

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