5 Projectors for Your Home Theater
Whether you are looking for top-notch clarity or affordable entertainment, these 5 projectors are worth keeping in mind when choosing your equipment.
August 10, 2011 by Zachary Worden

Home theaters, real home theaters, are built around a big screen, not a puny flat panel TV, and those big screens need a high-performance projector to make them shine. The market is loaded with projectors of all types, from pocket-sized pico projectors primarily for business or gaming to tank-sized large venue projectors. In between are DLP, LCoS and LCD projectors for home theater use.

Home theater projectors vary widely in size, price and application. Some are designed specifically for ambient light situations, while others only look good in completely dark rooms. Many now are 3D-enabled, so you can get an experience just like that in a commercial theater—without the crowds, bad seats and $20 buckets of stale popcorn. Some projectors are perfect for DIY projects, while others will perform best when professionally installed and calibrated.

Anyone who has ever looked into home theaters knows that there is a lot involved. Researching every aspect of a theater can be exhausting, so Electronic House has compiled some of the latest projectors to remember for your next home theater project. These projectors provide something for everyone, whether you want 3D viewing, affordability, brightness, or have other unique demands.

Remember, a projector is a two-part system. You still need a screen (and an audio system). A professional can help you identify the best screen for your viewing conditions. When you’re ready to take the plunge into projection home theater, be sure to first visit our installer directory here to find a pro to guide you through the process. Click on the slideshow to see the projectors.

Read about projection screen here.

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