3net Studios Plans 4K TV Series
The company’s original 3D TV lineup includes the first native 4K project.
November 20, 2012 by Rachel Cericola

A few months after publicly making plans to form a movie company, 3net Studios is ready to get to work.

3net, which is a joint effort between Sony, Discovery and IMAX, just announced its first slate of projects, which includes original 3D and 4K TV shows and specials. That’s right; 3net Studios will produce a native 4K programming—a first for the industry.

That technology will go to Space, a series which will be produced in what the company calls “TotalD” (native 3D 4K, 2D 4K, 3D 2K and both 3D/2D HD formats). Space is a three-part series of hour-long episodes that cover the Big Bang to the present, as well as a little peek into the future.

Another show, Marksmen, will be the first 3D motion comic series for TV. The slate will have live-action and animated projects, including the documentary Frozen in Time: Our History in 3D, the live-action special Wingsuit Warrior: Jeb Corliss vs. the World, and a travelogue series Daydream.

“Today’s announcement marks an important first step in our ongoing mission to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality, original 3D and 4K television content head on,” said 3net President/CEO Tom Cosgrove.  “We’re proud of the diverse initial slate of live-action and animated series we have created and look forward to expanding it as 3net Studios finalizes its full 2013 development schedule.”

For more information on each project, check out the 3net Studios website

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Rachel Cericola - Contributing Writer
Over the past 15 years, Rachel Cericola has covered entertainment, web and technology trends. Check her out at www.rachelcericola.com.

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