25 Lesser-known Home Automation Companies
If you thought there were only a handful of home automation companies, you'd be wrong. Here are 25 that you don't hear about everyday. Some are newer; some have been around forever
A sample home control GUI from Charmed Quark
June 21, 2013 by EH Staff

JDS Technologies: One of the original DIY/pro home control systems, JDS now offers HomeRunner RBI that allows users to create graphical interfaces in minutes – simply snap pictures of the rooms and create hot spots for touch control.

Key Digital: Another new system from Veterans of video distribution, Key Digital debuted Compass Control last year. It is a fully integrated control system built from the ground up using Apple’s iOS devices. [Pro only]

Mi Casa Verde: VeraLite and Vera3 smart controllers manage up to 200 devices, with built-in Wi-Fi and two USB slots for Z-Wave sticks or other protocol-enabling devices.

Two controllers from Mi Casa Verde

OnControls: A cloud-based home automation solution that stores the programming in the cloud, OnControls makes it easy for the custom installer to modify programming remotely. [Pro only]

PEAC Automation: Promixis Environment Automation Controller (PEAC) from longtime home-control manufacturer Promixis, helps those with limited mobility or physical disabilities. [Pro only]

Perceptive Automation: One of the original providers of home automation software for all Apple environments, with a strong user community.

Schneider Electric: The Wiser home management system targets energy savings, touting its ability to connect with utilities to reduce or shift energy use during peak times. [Pro only]

Smartenit: Formerly Simple- HomeNet, its Harmony Gateway supports ZigBee, Insteon, X10 and Wi-Fi.
A Zigbee dimmer from Smartenit

Somfy TaHomA: - From one of the leading companies in motorized shade control, Z-Wave-based TaHomA targets control over energy-management devices: motorized window coverings, lights and thermostats. [Pro only]

Stardraw: Agnostic software provider for both residences and large commercial applications.

Turn it On (TiO): New Android-based system rising from the ashes of 3vNet. [Pro only]

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