10 Video Games We Want in 3D
These games would look great in 3D.
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June 03, 2010 by Matt Whitlock

When it comes to 3D and video games, there are two schools of thought - those who believe 3D will make games better than sliced bread dipped in chocolate and set on a bed of gummy worms, and those who think it will destroy video gaming and possibly the world along with it.

I’d like to believe there’s a middle ground. While I don’t believe 3D will make every game concept light years better, I do believe the extra dimension 3D technologies offer has the potential to open up new gaming experiences that just wouldn’t work otherwise.

And though there are many who would tell you different, I do think 3D can enhance the gaming experience in many existing genres and games. We’ve rounded up 10 games that would be better in 3D.

Click here for 10 Video Games We Want in 3D.

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Matt Whitlock manages several technology-focused community websites, including,, and several others. With almost 15 years in the consumer electronics industry to draw from, his writings span a wide range of technology categories, from home entertainment systems to electronic gaming and everything in between.

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