10 Movies that Belong on Blu-ray
A Blu-ray wish list; 10 great movies that haven't made the leap to HD just yet.
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December 10, 2008 by Phil Lozen

This time of year always brings back childhood memories of when the Sears catalog would show up at our house. I’d flip to the middle of the book and intently study the toy section. It was my playbook for Christmas. Before long my parents would have a fully annotated list, complete with page numbers for reference, detailing my every wish for the holidays.

Now some 20 years later the toys are more expensive but the wish list still exists. Electronic House recently completed its 2008 Holiday Gift Guide, but what about the things we home theater fans would like to see in the future, specifically new Blu-ray movies?

There’s a lot of predictions that this will be a very Blu Christmas (apologies to Elvis for the bad pun), but there’s still a lot of great movies that haven’t made the leap to HD yet.

With that in mind, click here for “10 Movies that Belong on Blu-ray.” Also included are the scenes I think will benefit most from the high-def treatment.

This is by no means a “Top Ten” list – I tried to cover a fairly wide range of films – so feel free to hit the comments and let us know what movies you can’t wait to make their Blu-ray debut.

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