10 More of Your Home Control Requests
Here are some highlights from this week's entries into the Electronic House and Control4 "What Do You Want to Control?" contest.
November 03, 2009 by EH Staff

We’re still looking for your ultimate home control wish list. Entries for the Electronic House and Control4 “What Do You Want to Control?” contest are ongoing, and you can register by entering your little essay of what you want for your own home.

Each week we’ve been highlighting some of your entries to give you a good idea of what people are looking for, and to show off some of your creative thinking. Click here to enter the contest. Here are 10 more entries for this week:

I need a simple way to control the devices in my house that are electronic, so that I can actually enjoy them. My wife is constantly asking me: “I must have hit the wrong button, what do I do,” “Why won’t the music play,” “Which remote am I supposed to use,” “What speed is the fan on,” “Did you set the alarm,” “How come it won’t turn on,” “I pressed the button, but nothing happened,” “Did you turn off the light” and on and on. She means well, she really does, but she is electronically challenged, and expects me to solve all her electronic issues, and I’m starting to really dislike electronics because of it. Help me please! —Melvin, Ala.

I’d like an intelligent alarm clock hooked into my whole-home automation system. This clock would: 1) Be browser controllable
2) Be able to display RSS alerts, such as snow days, with a color coding system that’s easy to see through a sleepy eyeball
3) Be networked—so all the kids know there’s a snow day
4) Be smart—so on snow days alarms are reset.
5) Homes off of network time servers—so no more resetting after power outages
This alone would consolidate so much in a multi-kid home and a good start towards a smart home. —Danny, Conn.

I just hit the trifecta. On September 1, 2009, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. On September 18 we closed on a phenomenal modern home that was prewired with all the goodies sans the hardware. Then October 11 we celebrated our one year anniversary. Life is good, but with the new little one and new demands, our time and funds are limited. The question, “What do I want to control,” the simple answer is the world but I would love to settle on my new Pioneer Kuro, the lights since we live in a townhouse with four floors (and yes I am the big 40), have the garage send me a text message if that baby setter tries to sneak out, the floor to ceiling shades and my music library of 300GB. Help me hit for the cycle with a home run from Control4. —Charles, Ga.

1. I would like to be able to control my lawnmower to cut/bag my grass, and also my sprinkler system.
2. To be able to control my shower to come on just when i need it with the right temp of water.
3. To be able to individually control the temp in each room of my house so that i do not have to heat/cool the whole house.
4. To be able to remotely control my microwave/cooker/dishwasher/dryer
5. To be able to download and play all my CDs and DVDs to any room/TV in my house. —George, Ga.

My Control4 wishes include the basics, but there are a few enhancements that would make the system better fit my needs. First, I would like the bathrooms to have equipment to apply make up, pick out clothing, and of course clean up after us (especially facial hair after my fiance shaves). On that note I think a toilet that has a splash guard which comes out around the sides every time the seat is raised would prevent those of my male friends with not so great aim from splashing onto the floor (and me stepping in it with bare feet). Being a dog owner, a system to prevent and clean up accidents, while eliminating barking would be ideal. I would also like to be able to turn windows into one way windows at the click of a button to prevent our noisy neighbor from creeping through windows. —Ann, Ill.

The power to control everything in my home theater system and beyond is my dreams. The remote control is the key to your home theater system, without this you will not be able to enjoy your system to the fullest. I want to control the lights, shades and climate control plus some other features. The In-Law buttons—this button for easy use just one touch and she will be able to watch a movie on Blu-ray with the kids. Set the mood with lights and power shades for the right room settings. Don’t get up to turn on the heat one button—does it all for my wife when she is cold. I want to Control4 to make my home feel like the King of the Castle. —Daniel, Mass.

My husband and I are remodeling and we would love to be able control the lighting and the temperature between the existing house and the new addition where my mother-in-law will be living. I think she would enjoy being able to control the music that she can listen to in her end of the house and not have to listen to my husband’s taste in music. —Leigh, N.C.

Control is the name of the game in today’s world, and as more and more people lose their incomes from demotions and job losses, it is even more critical to have control over your life. The safety factor alone is enough to warrant a home security and home entertainment system. Experiencing a home break-in firsthand really took the security issue to a new threshold for me, and since i travel a lot, and not being able to afford a nice security system due to my job loss, really brought the reality crashing down on me. Having the ability to control all my home needs like audio, video, and lights and thermostats, would indeed enhance my life. —Kenneth, N.C.

I believe automation of my home would greatly improve controlling of my children’s activities. Controlling TV access so they could come to the dinner table would be great. I could shut it off from anywhere in the home. Doing the same for the computer would also be great. Shutting the lights off in the play room and locking the door. Another good automation solution in my book. —Roman, Ohio

I am sure my request is not new, but I would love to push my garage door opener, which then triggers the lights in my main rooms to come up to a pleasing level, a welcome home playlist to start on my whole-house audio system, the thermostat to begin bringing the house to a nice temperature, and if it could then cook the dinner and clean the dishes that would be just awesome! —JP, Wis.

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